In an investment landscape that is constantly evolving and increasing in complexity, it is essential that our people continually maintain and update the skills they need to perform at the highest level. Our approach to talent and performance management ensures that employees clearly understand the goals and behaviours that constitute success and how their individual objectives align with ADIA’s high-level goals and culture. Our annual review process encourages managers to take time to discuss and review the performance of every employee, while identifying ways to develop their strengths and ensure that ADIA continues to grow its leadership and technical capabilities for the future.
ADIA actively supports its employees in their professional and personal development by offering a wide range of targeted development programmes. The combination of classroom training and on-the-job development contributes substantially to employee growth and success. ADIA is proud to employ the highest number of CFA Charter holders of any organisation in the Middle East. Our emphasis on investment training is complemented by other challenging and rewarding developmental opportunities, with a strong focus on fostering collaboration and innovation.
In addition, we host regular internal events with speakers from within ADIA as well as corporate leaders and other subject matter experts from respected national and international organisations, aimed at stimulating innovative thinking and ensuring employees stay current on the latest industry trends.
ADIA’s leaders reflect our values and act as examples for others. To assist them in fulfilling this role, we offer management, leadership and executive development programmes, which combine the best of our in-house knowledge and experience with contemporary thinking and practices from around the world.
We have relationships with a number of leading academic institutions and learning organisations, whose courses are customised to meet ADIA’s needs, in many important areas of talent development.

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