The Real Estate & Infrastructure Department is responsible for building a globally diversified portfolio of real estate and infrastructure assets, each with their own dedicated teams.
The Department is staffed with a broad mix of experienced professionals and has a mission to provide ADIA with the diversification benefits of real estate and infrastructure investing by establishing and maintaining a portfolio to achieve attractive total returns over the long term. Identifying, pricing and managing risk is paramount in its investment approach.
In real estate, the Department executes its business plan through a collaborative approach that includes joint ventures with experienced local partners as well as third-party fund managers, whose performance is monitored by ADIA’s in-house team. It employs a flexible strategy focusing on global relative value and market cyclicality that allows for investing across a variety of real estate asset types and also at various entry points in the capital structure.
In Infrastructure, the core focus is on assets with strong market-leading positions and relatively stable cash flows, including utilities, transport infrastructure and energy infrastructure. The primary strategy is to acquire direct minority equity stakes alongside proven financial and strategic partners, with an emphasis on developed markets but also an increasing focus on emerging markets. An ability to invest via externally managed funds, the listed market as well as mezzanine debt, complements the strategy. The Infrastructure team does not seek to control or operate the assets in which it invests.


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