Voting and Shareholder Disclosures, “Know Your Customer”
ADIA is a leading global institutional investor and endorses the free flow of global capital and investments. ADIA understands, and is committed to fulfilling, its responsibilities as a global investor.
As a shareholder, ADIA exercises its voting rights in certain circumstances to protect its interests or to oppose motions that may be detrimental to shareholders as a body. ADIA does not actively seek to manage the public companies in which it invests.
ADIA seeks to apply best practice to all of its disclosure processes and regularly makes disclosures, as required, in relation to its investments in global markets. ADIA is also mindful of its counterparties’ obligations with respect to “Know Your Customer” and strives to provide all necessary disclosures to enable them to fulfil those obligations. ADIA recognises the importance of international standards of compliance and risk management and the associated transparency required.