Fraud Warning

The following information is designed to help members of the public protect themselves against fraudulent activity involving institutions or individuals claiming to represent, or offer products or services on behalf of, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (“ADIA”).

Established in 1976, ADIA is a globally diversified investment institution that is wholly owned by the Government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. ADIA does not provide any form of banking services to individuals or companies or serve as a representative of any financial institutions.

Under no circumstances would ADIA and its employees initiate emails or telephone calls requesting individuals to disclose or confirm their personal or financial information. Furthermore, should you be contacted by individuals or institutions purporting to be from ADIA, claiming to offer banking or other services, or requesting monetary deposits, or phishing for information such as account details, personal identification details and passwords, you should assume that these individuals or institutions are engaging in fraud or identity theft and should be reported to your local police authority.

ADIA’s official website operates only under one domain name, and is not connected with the hosts of any other websites that may look similar to its official website. You may access the ADIA website by typing the above domain name into the address bar of your browser, or by bookmarking the genuine website. We recommend that you do not access the ADIA website through hyperlinks provided in emails or websites from an unknown origin, internet search engines or pop-up windows.
- If you receive any suspicious messages or identify any suspicious websites that purport to be related to ADIA, please complete the enquiry form, selecting Report from the drop down list.

Advisory information: suspicious behaviour
ADIA takes reports of suspicious behaviour or fraudulent activities, including bribery, corruption or exercise of undue influence involving ADIA employees and its counterparties seriously.
- If you wish to report any suspicious behaviour involving an employee of ADIA, please complete the enquiry form, selecting Suspicious Behaviour from the drop down list.