ADIA’s cultural values guide the way work and the way decisions are made, and they are central to sustaining our investment we success. They provide direction for how we think and behave as individuals and as a unified institution.

It has been more than a decade since our cultural values of prudent innovation, effective collaboration and disciplined execution were formulated and embedded throughout the organisation. During that time, we have seen steady improvements in how they are applied within ADIA as indicated by our annual Employee Opinion Survey and by numerous examples of our people incorporating them into their day-to-day work.

These values play a fundamental role in driving ourselves and the organisation forward to achieve long-term growth and business success. ADIA’s leaders aspire to reflect and encourage these values in themselves and in others. In addition, we have sought to embed and reinforce the desired culture through ADIA’s selection, development, promotion, measurement, planning, information sharing and incentive processes.

Prudent Innovation
At ADIA, we encourage our people to improve investment performance and overall organisational effectiveness through a continued commitment to prudent innovation. Through the culture of prudent innovation, we generate new ideas, continually enhance our individual and departmental performance, support ADIA-wide improvement initiatives and advance our investment strategy processes. This involves appropriately challenging the status quo and leveraging improvement opportunities wherever they may be found. However, as a risk-sensitive business, we emphasise that change is approached in a thoughtful manner so that all innovations are fully analysed, considered and reviewed to balance opportunities with their associated risks.

We are careful to consider both anticipated as well as unanticipated consequences for all innovations. Professional judgement, therefore, ensures a full awareness of the balance between opportunities and the risks involved in pursuing them.

With that intent, we recognise the importance of personal and professional development and encourage employees to continually develop their own knowledge and skills while also supporting the same growth in others. In addition to individual growth, ADIA is focused on accelerating organisational improvement and ensuring the business anticipates change as a result of identifying and leveraging market opportunities.

Effective Collaboration
ADIA places strong emphasis on collaboration and supports individuals to build relationships and informational networks – both internally and externally – that deliver results. We encourage individuals and teams to gather input from those with different knowledge and opinions, across departments and at all levels within the business. We acknowledge that identifying, importing, prioritising, interpreting, sharing and utilising information from all sources contributes to our present and future success. ADIA values those who take responsibility for working together towards ADIA’s mission and are supportive of team objectives and decisions.

At ADIA, we encourage employees to communicate openly with each other as a means of building solid professional relationships and improving performance. Those who share opinions while also listening to the views of others, both within and across departments, create greater value for ADIA and its mission. This means getting involved in challenging yet positive debates where ideas and suggestions can be discussed in a constructive and productive manner. We have found that when employees collaborate across departments, they are more likely to continually improve and execute their personal responsibilities. We also encourage people to effectively share the most relevant information and ideas that contribute most to investment and business results.

Disciplined Execution
ADIA has a long and successful history of disciplined execution. Individuals are encouraged to set standards and achieve high goals that are aligned with ADIA’s mission and long-term objectives. Holding ourselves accountable for accomplishing goals that are aligned with department and ADIA-wide objectives inevitably leads to greater performance. Thus, a central enabling feature of ADIA’s mission is prudently growing capital through a disciplined investment process.

ADIA’s investment process has been carefully refined over the years. Employees are given responsibility for contributing to ADIA’s investment success by putting in place realistic, clear and practical plans to ensure that expected results are achieved.

We recognise that all support and governing functions should design and implement initiatives that ultimately focus on improving ADIA’s investment performance. Both investment and non-investment departments do so by holding themselves and their teams accountable for contributing to sustainable investment results.

Effective delegation and the ability to drive projects to completion are essential for meeting objectives. We seek to jointly encourage each other to demonstrate the energy, drive and commitment to deliver results and maintain focus and integrity, and to overcome any inevitable difficulties or challenges.